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Perfect Watches have been producing high quality replica watches over a decade for which we are considered to be the world’s best when it comes to replicas that are same as original 1:1 Quality. Our Brand philosophy is revolving around continuous perfection for keeping up to the latest trends and producing the most complicated time pieces of all times. The reason behind our fame is simply great devotion and hard work which has resulted in watch makers getting shocked around the globe for producing time pieces that are undetectable even by the original manufacturers. Keeping in mind our scope of operation that has result in bulk production and continuous R&D over a period of time that has not only brought the average production cost down which is passed onto our customers in the form of affordability. Our Clientele includes big shots, politicians, celebrities, high level executives and all who are exotic watch collectors without denting their pockets.

Now a days the replica industries are experiencing tremendous growth. We have reached the biggest mile stone of the century and have set a bench mark when it comes to replica watches. Specializing our trade craft to highest level of perfection and manufacturing many of the famous brands such as Rolex, Audemars, Piaguet, Jeager Le Coultre, Patek Phillippe, Breitling and many more.

Our Standard Operating Procedure is hiring former employees of these companies and procuring the original models of these brands from the official stores of the particular watch maker and then dissecting these watches in presence of experts so they can educate the work force about it. Once the craftsmen have been educated by the expert consultants, the production begins making the watch a perfect replica.

These unique and exquisite merchandise are exactly as per their original counter parts in terms of movement finishing, feel, looks and are offered at a fraction of price of the original. As amazing as our products is our shipping which is also very fast and convenient. Mastering ourselves in such a rear form of expertise makes us the best at what we do. Due to this reason many of the Hollywood celebrities make their purchases from us which can reflect our standard and quality.

We cover the latest men’s and women’s styles, so odds are we’ll have just the thing you’re looking for.  Whether it’s Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Mont Blanc—it doesn’t matter.  We keep up to date on all the top Swiss, German and French watchmakers.  Whether it’s breaking news from the annual Basel fair or the Society of Swiss Horology our staff are the first there.  We feature intelligent, informed reviews and insightful commentary on the most desired watches in the world.

What Differentiates PERFECT WATCH from its competitors?

We have answered the number of factors which can educate our customers why choose us over others while consideration of the factors listed below.

100% Swiss Movements from Switzerland Geneva

At Perfect Watch the Swiss version of the watches are assembled with Swiss Mechanism that are imported specifically from Switzerland Geneva. This process is completed under the supervision of highly competent team to make sure it has the exact same feel and precision as the genuine watch which complies with the COSC standards which are tuned by the highly sophisticated software that directs it to the work station along a route alternating between fully automated stations and others that require manual intervention by an expert. This results in corresponding to accuracy level of 99.99% making it a true unauthorized authentic time piece.

Japanese Movements for Non Swiss Buyers

Our ordinary quality watches are also equipped with Japanese cloned movements to make sure they are better than the traditional Chinese mechanism that has no life expectancy. Thus to ensure quality in our ordinary watches we make sure to protect the interest of the customers with a tight budget to give them the best product in the market as compared to the ordinary replica market that sells lower quality clones. You can compare even our ordinary watch with the competitors so called Swiss versions and you will find our Japanese versions at par, because they do not sell what they claim. Swiss versions need expertise which rookie people cannot develop because of the knowledge transfer involved which is delivered from generations to generations in this business. So in short do not trust competitors who sell you an ordinary watch claiming to be a Swiss.

Swiss Precision in Swiss Versions

As discussed before Perfect Watch makes sure its watches complies exactly with the authentic ones for which the cases are controlled by a machine that are equipped with the highly zoom able screening systems to ensure their parallelism and centrism that is tested by jumping dates and resetting the mechanisms.

904L Steel (Swiss Version)

Perfect Watch uses dynamic 250 ton pressing system for cruise cutting the 904L steel cases and bracelets which we provide in the best versions that have maximum resistance against corrosion is made essential which is united with perfection to other precious metals making sure to finish a product which is extremely corrosion resistant and highly polished to give the best esthetic feel and looks. Thus setting bench mark standards in the industry where others rookie watch makers use 316L quality steel which cannot give the high level of perfection and feel which is mandatory for the customers who are users of Swiss quality watches.


Water Proof (Swiss Version)

Perfect Watch 904L stainless steel cases are hermetically sealed with its back with a massive torque of 5 newton meters ensuring shock, pressure, dust and water are left outside. This process is completed by adding synthetic rubber celling with a screw down crown that’s triple sealed with a gasket lubricant that’s tested up to 300 meters and for divers there is a special helium valve that can send you 300 meters down without any risk of anything getting damaged. Thus giving a true diving experience in the best quality water proof watches whose caliber is same as the genuine because of the higher standard of compliance by the Perfect Watch experts.

Corrosion Resistant/ Non Magnetic

Perfect Watch is at advantage because its uses 904L grade steel which is stainless steel and has a higher chromium and nickel content and is non – magnetic in all conditions and originally developed for it being resistant to the sulphuric acid in a wide range of environment. Other minerals along with salt proves to be the best catalyst for corrosion and deterioration for the crucial areas that hold the watch’s back side of the case.

Precious Metals

Perfect Watch is the only watch manufacturer which uses authentic 18 Karat rose gold/white gold/ real platinum alloy with a combination of 95% platinum along with 5% palladium which is transformed through the best PVD plating technique which makes our watches the best and unique in the market. This results in our watches being undetectable same as original that will have a longer lifetime span same as the original at a fraction of a price. Whereas other cheap replica watches manufacturer won’t even last few months. Perfect Watch takes pride in having the same experience in craftsmanship as the original Swiss manufacturers because our team includes ex-employees of the original watch makers.


Sapphire Crystal Glass

Perfect Watch is the mogul when it comes to producing sapphires which proves to be the hardest stone after the diamond because it requires expert set of skills and production facilities which requires high level of competence and operational capability for glare proofing both sides of the sapphire giving a same coating, shape, Cyclops magnification power as the authentic Rolex. Thus providing the same visual experience to the Swiss watch users who have a high taste and class in Swiss watches.



Perfect watches uses special materials like Luminous which glows in the dark because it gets activated by the artificial light or sunlight. This process can be repeated again and again without any consistent battery needs and any aging in the substance because of its high performance over life time span which is only done by perfect watch who have the best feel for its customers in the Swiss replica watch industry.


Real Moissanite Diamonds in Swiss Versions

Perfect Watch uses Moissanite Diamonds which has a reflective index that can exhibit more brilliance than diamonds because it bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire that are 2 times more than sapphire, ruby, emerald or diamond during day and night simply changing mood with lights.

100% 18 K Gold in Special Watches

In this process Perfect Watch uses 10 microns that are 10 times the thickness of a typical gold plating with PVD plating and titanium nitrate to make it scratch proof. Thus making your watch an original 18 K gold watch even if tested at the jeweler that comes with a guarantee.

Ceramic Bezels

Perfect Watch Ceramic bezels are very famous for being the best material for corrosion resistant properties which gives life to them as it’s not affected by the ultra violet rays or the scratches.

Rolex Dials

Perfect Watch uses the cutting edge techniques along with traditional skills and highly updated technologies to make sure their Swiss version look exactly the same as original. For this the dials are blanked from a brass plate with various holes are drilled and then polished by either lacquering or electro plating through a recitative process of baths through which current is also flown. The Rolex symbol is stamped from an 18 K gold strip which is later sand blasted and polished to form a subtle contrast which is than completed by applying luminous substance using a nozzle that’s connected with an extreme pressure pipe.


Sophisticated Equipment

Perfect Watch has the most updated scanning electron microscope that has a speed camera which has a zoom capability of 40000 X that is necessary to test the movements with variant temperatures and magnetic fields for their long term durability and reliability.

Factory Environment

Perfect Watch makes sure that the environment is controlled and the quality of the air exposure to the mechanism before casing them up to make sure there are no traces of condensation even at lower temperatures or an overly damp atmosphere. For this process Perfect Watch has a very latest system for constant monitoring and regulating the temperature and humidity rate of the discussed areas.