The art of Replication came into existence when the top notch brands decided to move their production facilities to cheap labor countries. It came into the awareness of the factories who were outsourced to make these upscale products which needed high level of expertise and precision. Later they developed a philosophy to use the back door channels to make the same replica brands and sell them at an attractive price tags which proved to be an instant hit that resulted in enormous sales even more than the original brands that were targeted on the niche.

Replica products soon hit the markets that were refined with the passage of time and continuous R & D that made it undistinguished for even a naked eye to spot the differences as the master pieces were reversed engineered with exclusive blue prints that unfolded the hidden secrets of production claimed by the original manufacturers through hiringex employees of companies like Panerai, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

This act was appreciated by the customers who were before deprived of these luxurious brands and could only dream about them. Companies like PerfectWatch made it possible as the raw materials which never accounted for the quadruple price tags and even sometimes 10 times of the original production cost. Replica factories dragged down the average production post by making these products in bulk, the advantage of which was passed on to the customers in the form of affordability.

PerfectWatch is one of the pioneers for stepping into the world of replicas selling high quality replica bags, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and sneakers from a decade, holding 90% of the market share when it comes to replicas. Let’s talk about our bags which were un distinguished even put together because they knew exactly which raw material was used. In fact in some cases replica handbags were engineered by eliminating the defects which came over the use of the original bags.

Likewise the watches became so good that experts were unable to spot if it’s fake or real even the expert used to get confused. So this caused the huge loss to the original suppliers which at last had to buy those 7000 watches for destroying Replica Rolex watches with a steamroller in front of press cams.


Original companies stand to claim for their high quality and cost which was notorious enough and often criticized by the customers for maximizing the profits out of the blood and sweat of poor hard working laborers that were slaved to produce a limited number of bags. This is an evident proof of the widen gap between the rich and the poor.

In contrast replica industry provided big room for a great number of jobs for making the products whose demands was never ending because of the affordable price tags. Products were procured by 90% of the people that were before out of reach of these prestigious brand that glamorized the world of few people who can pay unjustified prices to show off their superior class and castle of wealth.

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